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Premier Wholesaler, Your #1 Wholesale Source 15 Years Running, Offering 100% Authentic Wholesale Merchandise at the Lowest Prices.

Welcome to our Wholesale Warehouse...Please Enjoy!

We Export Worldwide!!!
Premier Wholesaler, founded in 2001 a Worldwide Wholesale Liquidation Distributor and Global Exporter specializing in selling liquidated merchandise from many of the nation's largest retail, big-box chains, and online retailers for pennies on the dollar. If you're looking for shelf pulls, overstocks, closeouts, display models, product withdrawals, discontinued merchandise, clearance items, and customer returns, we've got them all. We work with facilities all over the country and as a result of our many years of experience, we are able to pass HUGE savings to YOU! Whether you're a large volume wholesale buyer or a small mom & pop shop, we can get you started in the right direction. wholesale clothing, wholesale used shoes, wholesale furniture, apparel wholesaler, overstock Amazon pallets, surplus electronics
At Premier Wholesaler, we will help you save on all your Wholesale Product Needs, Department Store Returns and Liquidation Overstock of 100% AUTHENTIC Closeout Merchandise.
We supply discount retailers, auction houses, swap-meet & flea-marketers, pallet warehouses, exporters, eBay & Amazon sellers, Craig's List & Facebook sellers, brokers, and more. Whether you have been in the business for a long time or are just getting started, we can help you find what you need. Not sure what you should be buying? We can help you work through that too. Offering Wholesale Clothing, Wholesale Sneakers, Liquidated Furniture Truckloads, Surplus Electronics, Used Grade A Recycled Clothing, Brand Name Sneaker Overstocks, Used Grade A Shoes, General Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise, Salvage & Surplus Truckloads, Overstock Product Loads, and more...all for pennies on the wholesale dollar!

Load availability changes daily, and we ALWAYS have great deals on liquidated general merchandise and wholesale products, allowing you to save hundreds, even thousands, on name brand merchandise that you can sell for great profits. We use our buying power to help small businesses and entrepreneurs compete against larger enterprises and buy in bulk at below wholesale prices. wholesale clothing, wholesale used shoes, wholesale furniture, apparel wholesaler, overstock Amazon pallets, surplus electronics
We only sell "Virgin Loads" and ship direct. All of our merchandise is shipped directly from the retailer's reclamation facility rather than from a middleman warehouse.  By shipping directly, you cut out extra shipping and overhead costs, enabling you to get the stuff you want for less, and avoiding your load being picked through.
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We Export Worldwide
We look forward to doing business with you
and keeping you as a valued, long-term customer.
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New Products For August

Are you looking to get into online resale? Can't figure out what would sell best on your Amazon and eBay store? Look no further. This is it. Wholesale Amazon.Com  Scratch Dent...

Quick View
Items such as Small Electronics, Toys, General Merchandise, Furniture, Kitcheware, Small Appliances & More. If you see it in their store, you can see it on one of their loads...You just...

Quick View
Wholesale Groupon Truckloads. These are aweomse laods with great value. HUGE MONEY MAKERS. Jewelry, Computers, Electronics, Housewares, Sporting, Domestics, Clothing, Shoes, Mobile, Kitchen, Cameras,...

Quick View
Awesome Electronics General Load...These loads are a great mix of product from a variety of stores like Best Buy, Office Depot, Amazon, BJ's, etc. Condition: A percentage of...

Wholesale Furniture Truckloads. The cleanest return loads available in the secondary market. These loads have a low loss percentage, with a high percentage of buyer remorse, warehouse...

Quick View
Wholesale Home Depot Truckloads / Pallets.  These Tool / Hardware loads offer great diversity. You can see items such as Sanders, Tool kits, Grills, Grinders, augers, thermostats, hand tools,...

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Monthly Specials For August

Beautiful lot of Brand New Wholesale Puma Sneakers / Shoes in assorted sizes & styles. Order your Puma Sneakers today! Wholesale values up to $80.00 per pair and more. 180...
$28.00  $24.80
Save: 11% off
Our Footwear Special has been the Number 1 Selling product amongst our customers for years. Offering a Huge Wholesale Assortment of Athletic Sneakers & Shoes - Each wholesale lot holds New &...
$5.50  $5.00
Save: 9% off
Wholesale Ladies / Women's Shoes. We have an assorted lot of All New Department store ladies shoes. Lot consists of assorted brands, sizes, colors, styles, etc. Brands Such as BCBG, Nickle, Nine...
$16.80  $14.00
Save: 17% off
Brand New Wholesale Lot of Department Store Shoes For Men / Women & Children. Lot consists of Tennis Shoes, Sneakers, Work Boots, Dress Shoes, and Casual Footwear. Complete assortment....
$5.95  $4.95
Save: 17% off

This is an overstock department store footwear assortment. You can see men's, women's and possibly some children's footwear, sneakers & shoes. Lot is completely assorted. Some lots...
$5.25  $4.88
Save: 7% off
Brand Name Wholesale Ladies Department Store Boots. Each lot will consist of 200 pair of ladies stylish boots. You will see ankle boots, high boots in a variety of brands, styles and colors. Awesome...
$16.00  $14.00
Save: 13% off
Target Wholesale Truckloads - Shelf Pulls, Overstocks and Customer Returns from a major department store chain Target.  Pallets are typically single stacked 6-7' high. Target has some of the...
$12,600.00  $11,800.00
Save: 6% off
Wholesale lot of Sebago Boat Shoes for Him & For Her. Assorted styles and sizes for men and women. Great style and size assortment. 180 pair ONLY $22.00 per pair.
$28.00  $22.00
Save: 21% off

Featured Products

New Target Department Store Wholesale Apparel Clothing is all brand new.  MOS Clothing is Marked Out of Stock / Overstock Closeouts, majority will have hang tags attached. These...
$2.85  $2.75
Save: 4% off

Quick View
Beautiful lot of Department Store Quality Overstock Handbags. This is one of our best selling lots of all time. Each lit will have a variety of styles, colors, brands, textures, etc.
Adult Wholesale Denim Jeans - ALL Jeans are sale ready, NOT Brand New. Lots are made up of Surplus & Returns. Can see some washed and worn or small tears. All Jeans are Folded Flat and placed in...
$5.00  $4.50
Save: 10% off

Quick View
Our Footwear Special has been the Number 1 Selling product amongst our customers for years. Offering a Huge Wholesale Assortment of Athletic Sneakers & Shoes - Each wholesale lot holds New &...
$5.50  $5.00
Save: 9% off

Quick View

New JCP Wholesale MOS Clothing From JC Penny Clothes Stores. MOS Apparel is Marked Out of Stock Overstock Closeouts, most with hang tags attached. These apparel pallets are some of the best offering...
$4.95  $3.88
Save: 22% off

Quick View
Wholesale Assorted Old Navy Clothing. Assorted sizes, styles and colors. Comes with Release from OLD NAVY - CANNOT be sold in US or Canada. Old Navy Wholesale Jeans, Hoodies,...

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All of Premier Wholesalers Brand Name Wholesale Products, Sneakers, Shoes, Designer Clothing and Bulk Jeans are all "Guaranteed Authentic" or Double your money back. We DO NOT import from china. Premier Wholesaler is located in the USA and buys all wholesale products in the USA direct and ships direct from the source on all products.